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It’s not every day that you have the pleasure of announcing that you’re launching a new company (unless you’re a serial entrepreneur or venture capitalist of course). So it goes without saying that I’m utterly excited to be announcing the launch of Utterly Content, a new content marketing agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Utterly Content specialises in the development of inbound marketing campaigns and content. Here’s why…

Over the last decade or so, search engines and social media algorithms have been tweaked and – indeed – overhauled to place emphasis more and more on delivering Internet users with outstanding, valuable content that actually addresses the tasks they are trying to complete or questions that they are trying to answer.

What does this mean for your company? It means that the key to marketing success increasingly relies you producing excellent quality content that will:

  • Draw people to you by providing answers to real questions that matter to them;
  • Convert prospects to customers by providing content that holds their attention and influences their decisions;
  • Converts customers to return customers and advocates by providing content that keeps them coming back and encourages them to talk about you or share your content with their online (and offline) networks.

This is where we come in. Utterly Content will work with your company to create the content that:

  • Attracts the right people to your website and social media channels;
  • Turns them into customers;
  • Turns your customers into advocates.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too (@utterlycontent) for great content marketing advice, articles, tools and tips from us and other experts in the field.

You’re a new company, so how can we trust that you’ll do a great job?

Well, actually we’re not entirely new. Utterly Content is a spin-out sister company of the well-established Pickle Jar Communications Ltd. I, Tracy Playle, founded Pickle Jar Communications in 2007, and am delighted that our company has gone from strength to strength, building an outstanding reputation for providing strategic digital communications support to the education sector. My team and I at Pickle Jar have worked with over 100 organisations to develop:

  • Content strategies and plans;
  • Social media marketing strategies and plans;
  • Compelling content for websites, blogs and social media;
  • Approaches to measuring and improving digital communications.

As we continue to grow Pickle Jar, we welcome Utterly Content to our family to enable us to take over 7 years of existing business experience and apply our expertise to other sectors and companies.

What can you do for us?

Primarily we are a content marketing agency. This means that we will:

  • Develop your inbound marketing strategy and plan;
  • Work on an ongoing basis to create new content for your websites, e-newsletters, blogs and social media;
  • Grow and manage your social media communities for you;
  • Make ongoing recommendations for improvements to your digital communications.
Can you tell us more?

We are very happy to have non-obligation conversations with anyone who is interested in working with us. Please email to arrange a time to set up a chat with us.

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