Case Study: National Grid

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In Spring 2016, we were appointed by National Grid to lead the development of a content strategy to effectively communicate their responsibility and sustainability activity.

National Grid plays a key role in managing, maintaining and setting a vision for the supply and distribution of energy in the UK and USA. An important part of National Grid’s activity is to innovate and communicate their approaches to developing sustainable energy solutions and distribution, protecting the environment, advancing STEM education, and supporting communities in which they operate.

Utterly Content has had the pleasure of working with National Grid to develop a content strategy and plan to tell this story in a compelling way for its audiences.

The primary objective of the strategy was to help showcase National Grid’s responsibility and sustainability with the aim of building trust so that they were seen as a responsible company to invest in and do business with. Audiences for the responsibility and sustainability approach were investors, B2B energy suppliers and end users of energy/members of the public.

Following a period of consultation with staff in the UK and US as well as broader research into best practice in this area, we have developed an approach to communicate responsibility and sustainability that supports business outcomes, and engages key audiences.

The content strategy defined key business objectives, identified priority audiences and made recommendations on language, tone of voice, approach to content creation, use of new and existing channels as well as governance and workflows for content creation.

This content strategy was supported by a key messaging framework, detailed content plan and sample content to further guide National Grid’s activity in this area.

Graham Frankland, Corporate Responsibility and Citizenship Manager at National Grid said: “It has been great working with Utterly Content. They have brought a new view on how we tell our story in an engaging and targeted way. Their approach is very thorough and the output they produced for us is very comprehensive. It has given us plenty of food for thought about how we take forward our responsibility work to make sure it engages with our audiences.”


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